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Atlanta Business Chronicle

eHub Nspire Program Experiences Continued Success

Atlanta Daybook

The Amazing Entrepreneur contest now calling for entries

Gwinnett Business Journal

Who'll Give Your Business Money Right Now?

The Street

Gwinnett Start-up Stimulus

Venture Atlanta

Local entrepreneur seeks to foster Norcross tech innovation with grants
office space...and guidance.

WSB-TV Atlanta

How to hatch a business by using an incubator? Gwinnett Innovation Park
gives life to new companies. Is yours next?

Gwinnett Business Journal

"Norcross (Ga.)-based Intelligent Systems is a public company that invests in early-
stage technology ventures, including about 25% of the companies in its incubator.
The incubator, which opened in 1990, houses about 16 to 20 companies, with
space for offices and light manufacturing. Tenants get below-market rates on 300
to 5,000 square feet of space, and most graduate in three or four years. The
incubator's four-member senior management team has served on the boards of 15
public and private companies, and worked as CEOs at four companies. They now
offer plenty of free advice to tenants. "We consider it part of our investment," says
Director Bonnie Herron. It's paying off: Some 75% of the graduates are still in
business or have been acquired."

Business Week
Birds of a Different Feather

"For-profit incubators in Atlanta can best be likened to designer blue jeans. For the
sake of this little analogy, let's assume that the Intelligent Systems Incubator is a
pair of good ol' Levi 501s. It's basic, not very sexy, just gets the job done."

Catalyst Magazine

"On paper, the office is about 145,000 square feet.  In person, it seems more like a
city unto itself.  The vast majority of the area is dedicated to the incubator that ISC
runs, the Intelligent Systems Incubator.  A tiny fraction is set aside for ISC, which
has spent many years operating the incubator.  It has spent even more investing in
and partnering with a wide variety of other young technology firms.  Many of them,
such as Peachtree Software, have become huge successes."

Gwinnett Magazine

"…high tech startups are coddled by a team of industry veterans that include the
center’s founder, Leland Strange, a Technology Hall of Famer who founded
Quadram Corp., a PC hardware pioneer; director Bonnie Herron, who used to run
business development for Quadram; and Frank Marks, an ex-product developer for
IBM. Entrepreneurs clamor to become residents at the 150,000-square-foot
industrial park in order to tap the management aegis of these directors, who remain
on tap to give advice".

Fortune Magazine