Business Help

As long-time, active participants in the technology and business
community, we have accumulated experience, contacts and
resources to help you grow your business. Our resident business
experts are successful entrepreneurs, not academics or consultants.
They know the challenges you face, the choices you have to make,
and have already made all the mistakes you’re likely to make!

As seasoned executives with our sponsor, publicly traded, Intelligent
Systems Corporation,
Leland Strange, Bill Goodhew and Bonnie
Herron have been involved with well over 65 technology companies.
Bill and Leland have been inducted into the Georgia Technology Hall
of Fame and Bonnie was recognized in 2005 as Woman of the Year
in Technology for Georgia companies under $500 million. Unlike
some incubator programs which smother the entrepreneurial drive
with excessive structure and business consultants, we provide “just-
in-time” advice - on your timetable. We work with our entrepreneurs -
at no extra charge - in such areas as:

  • brainstorming sessions on a marketing plan or pricing model  
  • CEO only roundtables and seminars  
  • referrals to our "know-how" network of attorneys, HR
    specialists, accountants and business contacts  
  • advice and referrals to financing sources  
  • business plan review  
  • presentation planning and feedback
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